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My Dream

How I got here

Hi, I'm Claire and here is my story...

12 years ago I had a magical experience at a wedding boutique where it was MY time to find my perfect dress! My parents came with me, and I found THE perfect dress, and yes tissues were needed for my mother! (and deep down for my father) as he gazed proudly.

So my dress was bought £1000's later - thank you Mum & Dad.

Off we went to get married at my perfect venue (The Caribbean). MY perfect dress everything was beautiful!!

Fast forward and dark clouds loomed over our marriage ending in divorce. Suddenly I felt a heartache, full of guilt for my parents that they had paid so much for my dress, and i felt like i owed it to them to try to get some money back.

I had listed my dress for sale on a website, but to no avail... it was then i had an idea and my dream.....

Everyone knows that when you buy a brand new car you lose thousands of pounds as soon as its driven off the forecourt.. Well, you guessed it - it's the same with dresses. So I thought why not set up a site where you can donate or sell your dress to me and I will find it a new bride on whom it could be Loved Again! And also to create an outlet where you can buy once-worn dresses because for a lot of people you've only worn it once...

All my dresses are off the peg, and at a fraction of the price of expensive boutiques. The only thing you would need to do is any alterations - so come and take a look xx

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