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Can my dress be Loved Again??

Quite simply; yes it can!

Option 1: You can sell your dress to me, but please remember this is a local small business so i do have limited funds available. If you were to sell your dress to Loved Again i would need pictures, condition, designer details, model number and location of the dress.  I will offer you a price and also the chance to gain up to 20% payback from the profit it sells at (dependant on quality, and if it needs dry cleaning before sale)

Option 2:If you have a wedding dress sat in the loft gathering dust, we can help your dress be Loved Again...

Dontate your dress to Loved Again and we will give 10% of the profit to a charity very close to my heart giving end-of-life-care, ST, Barnabus.. My Dad the one who proudly watched as i found my dream dress and walked me proudly down the aisle,,, unfortunately is no longer with us. His last days were spent being cared for by this hospice, who came to his home, and cared for him until his final breath,  and they are TRULY AMAZING

In any case do not hesitate to get in touch im sure your dress can be Loved Again xx

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